Sometimes you give a director over $100 million to make a movie, and it takes him a decade to make the movie, and the final product is Avatar, a visually stunning film with a plot that is completely secondary to the rest of the film and that leaves you ten minutes later like Chinese food. And then a movie like Exam comes along which was obviously made with a miniscule budget and it blows you away with its tight plotting, thrilling story, and pure entertainment value.

Exam follows 8 individuals who are applicants for an open position with a major company. The people have all been sequestered in a room where they are given 80 minutes to take a test. However, the paper the test is on is blank except for Candidate 1, 2, 3 etc. What follows throughout the rest of the film is an enthralling study in group dynamics and how far people will go to win or succeed. It’s dark and twisted and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It’s really impressive how well this film keeps its hooks in you despite the fact that it all takes place in one room the entire time. Really, if you like psychological thrillers or well written low budget films, watch this movie. It was great.

Final Score: A-