It was inevitable that I would finally come to a movie on this blog that left me cold after having enjoyed all of the other ones in some form or another. However, a film based on a book written by televangelist T.D. Jakes should have been the big give away that this was going to be the film that I was going to finally dislike since I have a well-known problem with organized religion and preachy melodrama.

The film, Woman Thou Art Loosed, follows the life story of Michelle Jordan who is on death row for the murder of her mother’s boyfriend who had raped her as a child. The film flashes back and forth between a conversation between Michelle and Bishop T.D. Jakes on death row, her childhood, and the days leading up to the murder of her mother’s boyfriend inside the church during a revival meeting. The film could have been an interesting look at how we put the tragedies and atrocities committed upon us as children behind as adults and the untold stories of women that are molested (and it technically is that), but instead, we get a preachy movie about God and how we can find our salvation through him. And frankly, it’s just insulting. The only thing this film has going for it are strong performances from Michelle’s actress and that of the mother’s boyfriend. Don’t waste your time on this film unless you are one of those religious types and maybe you’ll be suckered in by it’s foolish and overwrought story.

Final Score: C