Generally speaking, this isn’t the kind of movie I would review for this site. The stuff I’m normally going to review are award winners and nominees are other things I think people might enjoy but might not have heard of. The second film in the Austin Powers series definitely doesn’t fit either of those definitions. However, I came home to my roommate having just started the movie, and since I had nothing better to do, I joined him in watching it. I got some good, hearty laughs out of it, but this obviously isn’t a great film.

Every Austin Powers film has pretty much the same plot. Austin, a randy spy from the 1960’s, battles his nemesis Dr. Evil with Mike Myers playing several different parts. At the same time, he tries to romance some beautiful she-spy, this time the drop dead sexy Heather Graham. The second film trilogy introduces the characters of Fat Bastard and Mini-Me. I love Verne Troyer, and his performance as Mini-Me is probably the best part of the whole film to be honest. This review isn’t going to be too long. Everybody’s seen the movies. Obviously, this movie made me laugh my ass off at times. It is legitimately funny. But it relies on scatological humor and dumb humor way too often for its own good. Not to mention that half the jokes are recyclced or changed from the first one.

Final Score: B-