For anyone who wants zero spoilers for this show, check out my original review for the first four episodes which gives a pretty decent look at the over-all plot without going too deep into anything. From this point forward, it assumes you have a basic knowledge of the plot of the show and the characters there-in, and if you do not want anything ruined for you, then stop reading right now. Because this is about to get spoileriffic and a half.

HOLY SHIT! The reason that I had to stop watching the show and not wait til I had watched some more episodes to write this review is that the last episode was a major WHAM! moment. (I apologize ahead of time for the fact that to understand half of what I write requires a decent understanding of the different terms and slang from tvtropes.org). Simon and Kamina continued to wage their jihad against the Beastmen and were trying to find their mobile base. Along the way, they came across an underground village that was sort of like Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery and it exiled members by lot (although not really) whenever the population passed 50 and they also came across a bath-house that was in fact another Gunman. And that episode was hilarious. I laughed my ass off the whole time. There’s something about Kamina running around bare-ass naked with nothing but Simon’s pet mole covering his junk while piloting a giant robot that is just hilarious. And then of course, they finally caught up with the mobile base, used Lagann (Simon’s mecha) to take control of it and Kamina died in the battle. I WAS NOT PLEASED!

I have to debate how wise of a decision it is to kill the best character on your show so early into your series, but at least I know now that the danger and dramatic tension of the show is real and that anyone can die. It’s not going to be like Dragon Ball Z where death is just a momentary inconvenience. I guess this what I should expect from the team that gave you the most depressing anime ever made Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’ve also determined that is definitely a seinen anime and not a shonen anime. If you’re reading this still, you probably know the difference and that the former is for young adults while the latter is a for children. With all of the blood, cursing, giant tits, occasion partial nudity, and out and out violence, this show I can safely say is meant for a slightly older viewing audience and I don’t have to feel so weird enjoying it as much as I do. The show has managed to definitely up its ante in the dramatic department, but we’ll have to wait to see if I will still enjoy it now that my favorite character is gone.

Score in Progress: A-