This is like my fourth set of reviews for the show so at this point, you have been warned.Once again, a introductory and spoiler-free review for the first four episodes can be found elsewhere on the site.

Well, the show kicked up its HSQ (Holy Shit Quotient) up for this particular batch of episodes and concluded a fairly major story-line much earlier than I thought it would. I have to remember that this isn’t Dragon Ball Z and it isn’t going to take 30 episodes to take down Frieza. For those not in the know, that’s not really an exaggeration. I think the Namek arc was something like 70 episodes. That’s several seasons of most TV shows. The further and further I’ve delved into the world of anime the more and more I’ve determined that DBZ is like the most over-rated anime of all time. I mean, parts of it are awesome (the Cell saga springs to mind) but there are so many anime out there that are simply much better.

Anyways, back to the show at hand, Gurren Lagann. Team Dai-Gurren is taking the fight straight to Lord Genome. They spend two episodes dispatching his remaining generals in fairly epic fashion, and then taking the fight to the Lord himself and coming out on top. I’ve simply stopped trying to apply any system of logic to the power levels and techniques on this show. On most fighting anime, new powers and techniques are introduced through some sort of training scenario or are mentioned beforehand and a character achieving it through sheer force of will is something to be expected. On Gurren Lagann, Simon is going to exhibit one or two never before seen attacks an episode just because he’s that fucking awesome. Although, the system by which Simon has powers at all is finally explained through the presence of Spiral Energy and the symbolism of his drill becomes much more apparent and understandable. Also, the myth arc and end game of the series has finally been set in place. One of my major problems with the show is how episodic its been. But now, I feel like I finally have an idea of where its going. This score is for the three episodes I watched and how awesome they were (one episode was a compilation episode).

Score in Progress: A