Like with my last review for this show, if you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading now and check out the review for the first four episodes.

Well, these last four episodes have explored the new group dynamic now that Kamina has passed away and Simon has become the de facto leader of team Dai-Gurren. Three of the episodes dealt primarily with Simon’s over-whelming sense of guilt and sadness concerning his role in Kamina’s death, and boy, were they angsty and not a lot of fun. Suddenly, the show felt more like Neon Genesis Evangelion and not the Gurren Lagann that I’ve grown to love. However, by the end of episode 11, Simon had snapped out of his funk and entered a new era of ultimate ass-kicking. Another new major plot development is the introduction of the character Nia, a Beastman princess and the daughter of the Big Bad Lord Genenome; however, she is one of the good guys as she had been cast out from Beastman society for becoming self-aware and displeasing her father. I do not like Nia. She’s like your proto-typical soft-voiced Mary Sue anime princess, and she just bothers me. I want Kamina back, or for Yoko to have a larger role. I don’t like this broad.

The show does suffer without the presence of Kamina, but not too terribly. Once Simon snapped out of his depression, he spent that episode and the next one kicking seven different shades of ass and the show went back to being cool again. This show isn’t going to be as good as Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Death Note or Cowboy Bebop, but that’s ok because it manages to be very self-aware of how campy it is and it is consistently a lot of fun. This is the score of the show sans Kamina.

Score in Progress: B+