I almost feel repetitive putting this at the start of every review for this that I do, but I noticed that when these articles get publicized to facebook, it doesn’t recognize paragraph breaks in the little excerpt that it posts to give people a preview of the post, and so even with this, it’s still possible that people might accidentally see more than I want them to. So, once again, for a spoiler free look, check out episodes 1-4.

Major changes have confronted our team Dai-Gurren and I am very happy to report that said changes are for the better. Since the defeat of Lord Genome and his cryptic warnings of future destruction if humanity were allowed to grow unchecked, the story has skipped 7 years into the future to a world where humans have advanced significantly and now live in a massive futuristic city on the surface. The 1,000,000th human child is born. Simon has become the supreme commander of humanity and Rossiu, the priest boy from the underground village, has become the second in command (and an absolutely fantastic and compelling foil).

However, all is not peaceful as humanity finally faces a new threat, the Anti-Spiral, a race of beings whose job is to destroy humanity and keep it from reaching its true spiral potential (they are the reason Lord Genome had suppressed humanity for centuries). Also, it turns out that Nia was a sort of Manchurian agent, and was actually a sleeper agent of the anti-spiral. The Anti-Spiral has sent the moon on a crash course with Earth in order to wipe out humanity as well as regularly sending in its forces to destroy the new capital city.

However, the biggest change to the series and what has made it so great for me is the much darker and more mature themes it has tackled the last four episodes. While the primary antagonist has been the Anti-Spiral, I feel that the primary source of the dramatic tension has been the political battle being waged by Rossiu for control of human society. He believes in law, science, and efficiency (which if you watch the show, you know team Dai-Gurren gets the job done by doing the most crazy and unpredictable thing possible). He is not afraid to replace the old guard with new blood that believes in his system. And as much of an asshole as he comes off as being, you can’t help but at least understand his characters motivation. His character development and face-heel turn was incredibly well done. Not to mention the fact that Johnny Yong Bosch is pretty fantastic with his voice acting. However, if you think your beloved show of awesome fighting got too serious, don’t worry. There are still plenty of kick-ass fights to whet your teeth on.

Score in Progress: A