I’ve managed to come down with either a fairly massive sinus infection or I’ve got the flu. I’m not really sure which it is and I can’t particularly afford to go the doctor. Well, tonight, I needed some comfort food for this blog. Something from a director that I love and that can do no wrong for me. Kevin Smith is one of my all-time favorite directors. Chasing Amy is currently in a three-way tie for my favorite film of all time, along with Annie Hall and Pulp Fiction. I hadn’t watched Mallrats in a while so I figured I would pop it in the DVD player, relax, and have some good laughs. I forgot how freaking terrible this movie is.

Mallrats is about two vitriolic best friends, T.S. (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee). They’re layabouts and slackers, and Jason Lee plays the role he plays best, an obnoxious, man-child. They’ve both managed to get dumped by their girlfriends on exactly the same day. So, they do what they do best. They go to the mall. As the tagline says, “they don’t work there. They don’t shop. They just hang around”. I work at the mall, and I know the type and it’s actually done fairly well. The movie is the fairly predictable story of how they win back their girls. I don’t feel like describing more cause the movie was pretty bad by Kevin Smith standards. Although it does manage in scenes to keep some of Smith’s trademark dialogue in tact. Jason Lee is pretty much the only good and watchable thing about this film. I guess how super hot Shannon Doherty is was another reason to watch

Final Score: C+