You’ve heard it all before. Read the review for episodes 1-4 for a spoiler-free, introductory look to the show. Imagine this warning is the warning above the entrance to Hell that greets Dante and Virgil in The Divine Comedy, “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here” if you read this and haven’t seen the episodes yet.(yeah i realize the intellectual contradiction between quoting Dante Alighieri in the reviews for an anime series).

Well, we’re entering the home-stretch here. I’ve only got three episodes left to watch after having seen these last 4 episodes, and I’m not going to lie. I’m probably going to finish the rest of the series tonight ( A)cause it’s getting super awesome and B) Cowboy Bebop is coming in the mail from Netflix tomorrow and I won’t to be able to give that classic the attention it deserves). Things have gotten for lack of a more original word really god damn epic on this show. It turned out that the moon was in fact A GUNMAN. And if you were wondering if Simon was going to combine Gurren Lagann with it, then the answer is a resoundingly awesome yes. Not to mention at one point he PUNCHED A HOLE IN THE VERY FABRIC OF SPACE-TIME! The show has entered space-opera territory as Team Dai-Gurren has piloted the new Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren (Gurren Lagann, plus the Ark Gurren, plus the MOON GUNMAN) into space to try and find the Anti-Spiral home-world to save humanity and hope to rescue Nia as well.

I had started to complain to myself that the show was starting to feel too safe. No major or important characters had died since Kamina. I regret making that complaint. Cause a ton of supporting characters built the bullet in the last episode I watched in fairly epic and heroic ways. No one super important died, but at least, it was named characters that I recognized biting the dust. The show has reached its end-game and it’s done holding back any punches. I’m sure there will be more deaths to follow.

Yoko got her own “day in the sun” episode, which showed what she had been doing ever since the time-skip, which would be teaching in an island village. It was understated and quiet, yet it gave Yoko some much needed character development that helped to bring her above being pure fanservice. Also, in one episode in what can only be described in one of the most bad-ass things I’ve ever seen a character do on this show, Kittan (one of the leaders of Team Dai Gurren) took on an Anti-Spiral Gunman on foot with nothing but a shotgun and lived to tell the tale. It was pretty wicked.

Score in Progress: A