Unlike Gurren Lagann which had a general myth arc that progressed consecutively with each new episode, Cowboy Bebop is far more episodic in nature and while each new episode helps to contribute more and more to the general mythology and back story of the series, there is nothing that happened in this particular set of episodes that I feel the need to preface this with a spoiler alerts warning. You can read this and it won’t ruin anything so much that it would deter you from watching the series in the future.

These episodes once again showed the general range of genres that this show likes to take on. One episode was a sort of supernatural noir involving a young boy who possesses an immortal body and as has lived for hundreds of years. This episode also introduced the reason why humanity no longer has Earth as the central of our civilization. Another is sort of an homage to trucker films and feels like something very much out of Firefly. Honestly, whenever I watch this show, the first show that comes to my mind to make a comparison is Firefly, which is a very good thing since Firefly is one of my favorite shows. Another one is a return to the Japanese mafia roots, or the yakuza stuff to be more accurate, involving a fairly tragic and sad story about the lengths one man will go to protect his sister. We get the episode that introduces us to Ed, and how awesomely insane she is. She’s really just absolutely hilarious and provides the show with lots of much needed comic relief. And the last episode I watched gave us a little insight into the back-story of Jet. That’s one of the really great things about this show. The characters are fleshed out so well. They are much more than your typical anime caricatures.

One thing I really started to notice about the show during this round of episodes is how well the series makes use of the sort of “camera angles” (since this is a cartoon, the implied camera angles anyways) and and view-points that it employs that are so incredibly cinematic and artistic and the kind of thing you expect from high quality films and not a cartoon. You can tell that the people making the show have a real keen visual sense and style and that is prevalent through practically ever scene of the series.

Score in Progress: A+