Well, yesterday the next two discs of Cowboy Bebop finally came in the mail from Netflix, and although I was definitely too tired from work yesterday to watch any, I wasted no time today diving right into that show. I’m spacing my reviews out for however many episodes were on each disc (whereas for Gurren Lagann I just reviewed every 4 episodes). The first two discs had 5 episodes a disc, however, these next two discs each have four on them, which is why I’ll be reviewing fewer episodes per article for these next two posts. Anyways, let’s jump back into the Bebop and follow the continuing adventures and trials of her intrepid crew.

This batch of episodes was pretty fantastic (although when isn’t this show) and once again exemplified the very broad array of themes and issues and styles that this show is willing to tackle. The first episode is probably the episode is that the most different from any episode I’ve watched so far as it is a sort of homage to the original Alien film and concerns a black blob that escaped from an old, old refrigerator in the back of the ship and stalks and preys on the crew of the Bebop. It was really odd and pretty awesome, but the show in no way, shape, or form tries to explain how its ending exists in the continuity of the series or makes any sense. The next two episodes were a two-parter telling one big story that brought back series big bad, Vicious (pictured above), and gave us a little more of a look into the back story and motivations of Spike. These two episodes, while not quite as good as episode 5, were still absolutely amazing and helped create even more of the deep back world for the series. The 4th episode dealt with a sort of a heist story but with that classic Cowboy Bebop twist and subversion of the genre.

I might be wrong, but I felt like this particular batch of episodes, especially the two parter, really upped the ante in the soundtrack department. I honestly can’t name a single TV show, anime or live-action, that has a consistently better soundtrack than Cowboy Bebop. The only thing that might even come close is Lost but it still trails this one. I’ve got one more disc to watch before I send them both back to Netflix. In all likelihood, I’ll finish that disc tonight and have one more review up before I head to bed for the evening.

See you space cowboy.

Score in Progress: A+