I have to be at work at 10 in the morning tomorrow which means that I need to wake up at 9 at the latest which means that I should have gone to bed at 1. So, while I probably shouldn’t have stayed up at all to write this particular set of reviews, I’m going to do my best to keep this one short and sweet so as to get my stupid ass in bed as quickly as possible so that I’m not dragging my feet at work all day tomorrow. So, let’s head back once again to the Bebop and see what’s happened over the course of these last four episodes.

The first episode did a hell of a job explaining some of the back story of the mysterious Faye Valentine, and why she’s such a cold-hearted woman and con man and why the mob bosses at the casino thought she was like over 100 years old when we were first introduced to her. It was a fantastic episode with a nice romantic subplot that was given the great Cowboy Bebop treatment in how it was able to not play out exactly the way you’d think it would. The next episode gave us a decent look at Jet’s back story again and his time as a cop before he became a bounty hunter. The third episode is one of the series’ more infamous episodes and it involved our heroes tripping on magic mushrooms out on a desert planet. And it was hilarious. The final episode wasn’t as good as the other three but it also gave us another bit of a look at the story behind Faye, and also gave us some hilarious moments involving the lack of understanding by our heroes on the difference between a beta max player and a VCR. Funny stuff.

I’m well past the half-way point in the series and I’ve only got two discs of episodes left. It’s nice watching two anime series in a row that aren’t more than 30 episodes long. If I were reviewing the complete series of Dragon Ball Z, I would be reviewing that show for a good year or so since there’s like over 200 episodes. I’m glad I decided to re-watch Cowboy Bebop. I’ve been having a ton of fun jumping back into the series.

See you space cowboy

Score in Progress: A+