I’m nearly done with Season 3 of True Blood. After I post this review, I’m only going to have two episodes left. This season has been incredibly gory and violent over the last 6 episodes or so. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen a vampire die the “true death” in an explosive burst of blood and guts. Humans and werewolves haven’t been spared the graphic violence either. If you need a good old fashioned fix of a bit of the old ultra-violence (but without the splendid Ludwig Van (I need to stop with the A Clockwork Orange jokes)), then this season is for you. Discounting the lesser products that are TV programs that are on Starz or Showtime (Dexter excluded from that disparaging remark), this is one of the bloodiest seasons of TV that I’ve ever watched.

The proverbial shit hits the metaphorical fan in this stretch of episodes. Russell and his werewolf servants come after Sookie. Bill and Jessica are only able to defend her from the 3,000 year old Russell’s wrath because Eric kills Russell’s lover, Talbott, as revenge for Russell killing Eric’s family whehn Eric was still human, 1000 years ago. This all comes to a catastrophic head when Russell loses what little bit of hold he had on his sanity and rips a new anchor’s spinal cord out of his back and then delivers a lengthy monologue about his desire to subjugate humanity. It’s one of the most awesome scenes of the whole show. I don’t know what it is but the site of Russell holding someone’s spinal cord and giving a crazy speech is just hilarious. Eric is given the duty of killing Russel by a mysterious vampire organization known as the Authority, but since Russell is 2,000 years older than him (and vampire strength is related to age), it’s basically a death sentence. We also get more of Sookie being a fairy but I’m going to go “NA NA NA I’M NOT LISTENING” to that incredibly stupid storyline.

Back in Bon Temps, we finally discover just what Crystal Norris, Jason’s new girlfriend, is. She’s a were-panther as are her clan of incestual red-neck meth dealers up in Hotshot. We’re also introduced to a mysterious woman named Holly, who turns out to be a Wiccan. Franklin makes his return to terrorize Tara, but Jason puts an end to him with wooden bullets. I’ll kind of his miss his crazy creepiness yet dark hilarity. We begin to see a darker side of Sam who nearly beats a man to death in his bar, and we get flashbacks that show him as some sort of Sawyer-esque (Lost) con man. I think this twist might be a little out of character for Sam, and for now, I’m against it. My dad says they continue to take him to an even darker place, and I really don’t like it. Lafayette and his mother’s caretaker Jesus have officially started dating, and it’s revealed that he’s a witch when they go on this weird acid trip sequence with vampire blood. It was super weird but it was pretty funny too.

Denis O’Hare has become one of the best psychopathic villains on TV in a really long time. He’s going full Patrick Bateman during this stretch as Russell and it’s just glorious. He’s ripping people’s spines out, carrying around a giant urn full of his lover’s intestines and blood, and staking prostitutes after having them pretend their his dead lover. True Blood is a fantasy melodrama first and foremost, but it is also a pitch black dark comedy at times, and Denis O’Hare gives the show that touch that it was missing. I really hope he at least gets nominated for some Emmy’s and Golden Globes for his performance.

The new season premieres next month. I’m pretty excited for it. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve read most of the books, and book 4 is easily the best book in the series (that I’ve read). It’s actually heavily plot-focused (by Charlaine Harris) standards, and there’s a lot of Eric Northman. I honestly don’t know what shows I’m going to start reviewing once I’ve finished up True Blood and the rest of the Glee I have left, which isn’t very much. I might try Sons of Anarchy. My dad and the rest of my family are big fans so there’s a chance I might enjoy it. It’s probably either going to be Sons of Anarchy, Treme, or maybe Dexter. I know at some point this summer my sister and I will be watching the complete series of both Buffy and Angel, and my dad wants to watch Dr. Who. It should be good times no matter what I choose.

Score in Progress: B+