Finally. This long, labored, and torturous season of True Blood has finally drawn to a close. Nothing about the season finale (except for the death of a main character as well as a major supporting character) has changed my mind about the rapidly declining quality of the series as it suffered from many of the problems that were endemic the entire season. However, one possible plot twist has made me decide to watch next season’s premiere to see if I still want to continue spending time in Bon Temps. All in all though, it wasn’t a terrible finale and it had some good parts, but I just can’t make myself care about any of the more soap opera-ish aspects of the series, and it unfortunately spent too much time exploring romantic entanglements that are as stale as week old bread.

What went down this week? Most of the stories were very interconnected so I can’t do my normal Sookie and then everyone else recap. After Marnie possessed Lafayette, she forced Jesus to transfer his power to her and then she killed Jesus. Then, she kidnapped Bill and Eric and tied them to a stake. However, Tara, Sookie, and Holly managed to stop her by summoning dead spirits which convinced Marnie to move on. Sookie then decides to break up with both Bill and Eric because she’d rather hurt both of them than just one. Lafayette is comforted by the ghost of Jesus who lets him know not to blame himself for his death. Debbie Pelt attacks Sookie with a shotgun but Tara throws herself in front of the blast and dies and then Sookie blows Debbie’s head off with the shotgun.

In the rest of town, Jason tells Hoyt that he had been sleeping with Jessica. Hoyt proceeds to beat the holy hell out of him, but Jason definitely had it coming. Even after the ass-beating, Jessica shows up at his house and they sleep together again, but Jessica doesn’t want to be his girlfriend yet. After she leaves, a vampire version of Reverend Steven Noolan shows up at the house for a plot thread for next season. After burying Tommy, Sam is comforted by Luna and they get all sweetly and genuinely romantic (cause Sam is now the best thing on the show), but after her departure, a werewolf shows up on his front door. Bill and Eric massacre Nan Flanagan and her men after Nan leaves the authority and was given the mission of killing those two. To top everything off, (and this makes me very excited) Alcide gets a call and discovers an empty hole with broken chains where Russell Edginton was buried.

This season wins the award for most potential subplots that are inexplicably abandoned without a second thought. Despite teasing us momentarily when Holly showed up in a fairy costume, we haven’t heard anything from the fairies (not counting the one that seduced Andy) since Eric ate Claudine. It seemed like at the beginning of the season that that was going to be a big dramatic thrust for the rest of the season and then it was promptly abandoned. We haven’t heard from Crystal Norris or any of the other werepanthers since Jason escaped from their clutches. I was disappointed that the show didn’t follow through with turning Jason into a were since that now renders practically all of those scenes pointless. Now that Nan Flanagan is gone, I think that we’re pretty much gonna stop seeing any more of the political maneuverings that I was enjoying so much from Bill. Also, when did Pam get completely cured and when did Jessica stop suffering every time she has sex. Continuity is important and True Blood has kind of abandoned it.

Russell Edginton is far and away the best character the show has ever sad. Denis O’Hare filled his performance with such joie de vivre and excitement that you couldn’t help but cheer on the complete psychopath that was the King of Mississippi. If he’s really coming back, then that is a legitimate reason for me to return to this show, when I’ve all but written it off. I don’t care about Bill, Eric, and Sookie as  a love triangle and I don’t care about Sookie as a character period. Thankfully, there are other strong characters like Jessica, Sam, and Lafayette to keep me returning but even Jessica and Lafayette suffered heavily this season. I’m giving the series one last shot as the potential return of Russell guarantees I’ll be back for at least one more episode. So, in one year, this show’s fate in terms of my viewership will ultimately be decided.

Episode Score: B-