Hi everyone. Lately, I’ve begun to think more and more about the actual design of my blog. It’s not enough any more that I’m simply writing. I now want my blog to be as clean and organized looking as possible, and to be honest, I’m just not there at the moment. Not to mention, I’m also interested in optimizing the SEO nature of my blog (search engine optimization so I can get more traffic). So, I’m putting out a call to arms from my friends on Facebook and Twitter (as in people I know in real life that I can actually trust) for some help with redesigning my site. There are several features I’m looking to fix (I know what I need to do for the SEO stuff, I just need to actually put in the hard work there of updating all of my old posts with tags). First, I want to set up the main page of my blog so that the articles don’t actually read in their entirety on the page. I want the reader to have to click a “read more” or something similar button to see the whole article. I don’t want to do this to artificially inflate my number of page views. I just want my home page to be a little more clean than the wall of text it currently is. I’m fairly certain that with the theme I’m using right now, I can’t do this. Second, I want to figure out a way so that I can assign each new post to a specific page on my blog. For example, I want a page just for movies, a page just for music, a page just for television, etc. Then, I want each page to have it’s own categories. The way it is right now, the top of my page is cluttered with an unseemly number of categories, and I would just like the opportunity to clean it up a little bit as well. Right now, the only place my posts can go is to my home page. I can’t write a separate post just for my purpose page or just my requests page. I want to know if that’s possible. I’m sure it is; I just have no idea how. If anyone is willing to show me what it is I need to do to accomplish all of this stuff, I will give you credit on the “About” page I want to put on the site once I redesign it. I can’t offer you any monetary compensation, but I figure it won’t be too complicated. If I have to pay to upgrade my wordpress account so I can have more bells and whistles for my blog, that’s fine and I’m willing to do that. I’m really interested in making this blog look as professional and engaging as possible. As it is right now, it’s just walls of text and that’s not good enough anymore.