I’ve gone home to Philippi for Thanksgiving break. I work tomorrow from 6 PM to 1 AM back in Morgantown, but since Thursday is Thanksgiving, I only work Tuesday and Saturday. So, I’m going to commute those two days back and forth so I can spend some time at home and sleep in my bed (where I can actually sleep). However, long time readers know I have dial-up internet at my dad’s. It took me nearly 15 minutes just to load the page to write this post and I’m sure it will take another ten to post this after I write it. Anyways, while I’m at home for Thanksgiving break, I’m going to be foregoing posting any reviews for the things I’ve seen over break. I’m going to be writing them on my laptop but I’m going to wait until I get back to Morgantown on Sunday to actually post them. So far, the things I’ve watched that I need to review include The Walking Dead, a disc of Studio 60, and Breaking Dawn (yeah I know. I’m a loser. My sister dragged me to it. It was awful. I enjoyed Eclipse but Breaking Dawn was worse than I can describe in short terms). I’ll probably also have a disc of Dexter to review before Sunday as well as a couple movies. All in all, there’s a good chance, I’ll be posting nearly 10 pre-written posts come Sunday. So fear not loyal readers, I’ll be back. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.