We keep inching closer and closer til the moment when the Tenth Doctor will be no more. We’re down to the final two specials (after I review this one and if you count “The End of Time” as just one special), and I’m starting to wonder why these last episodes weren’t just part of the regular season. I would never say that I have a love/hate relationship with Doctor Who (the only eps. I truly dislike involve the Slitheen), but I often have a love/meh relationship with this series. Even during “meh” episodes, I’m still enjoying the program, but they remind me of how silly sci-fi is and why I’m maybe a little too old or too into serious stories to enjoy it. The 2009 Easter special (Doctor Who rarely has Easter specials) is, much like David Tennant’s last Christmas special, “The Next Doctor,” not quite a full on “meh” story, but it isn’t the kind of dark and terrifying tale that I’ve come to love for this series. I know that all of the final specials were written at least in part, if not totally, by Russell T. Davies (as these are his send-offs to the series), but I’m really missing Stephen Moffat’s presence in the program, but at least this is still the fun-loving Doctor we all know and love.

A woman, Christine de Souza (a gorgeous and vibrant Michelle Ryan), breaks into a heavily guarded museum and steals an ancient goblet, Mission Impossible style. As she’s fleeing from the police, she boards a bus and is quickly joined by the Doctor who is searching for a rift in the space time continuum. When the bus travels through a tunnel, an older woman on the bus starts freaking about because she’s hearing voices and the machine that the Doctor is using to find the rift is going crazy. Without warning, the bus is transported through a wormhole and the people on the bus (about 6 or 7) end up on an alien planet that has become nothing but a desert. As the Doctor and Christine (who turns out to be quite resourceful and useful) try to figure a way back through the wormhole (which fried the bus driver to a skeleton when he attempted to walk through0, they also have to contend with insectoid aliens who may or may not be dangerous and a massive sand storm heading their way that is more than meets the eye and represents a danger not just to our stranded travelers but also everyone back on Earth.

This was your average Doctor Who episode in terms of plotting and the costumes for the insectoid aliens weren’t nearly as impressive as what we’ve seen from the Ood (which remain my favorite alien species on the series). However, Michelle Ryan was a great find. I would have loved to seen her dynamic with the Doctor played out over an entire season as a companion. There was a sizzling sexual chemistry and a great flirtation in all of their scenes. Lord knows she was more engaging in one episode than Donna ever was for most of her run. It was great to see a companion that didn’t just start out completely helpless. Had it not been for Christine, this episode would have been far less interesting. Also, the chance to see just how broken and depressed the Doctor has become since he had to mind-wipe Donna. We haven’t seen him in this angsty of a place since he had to say goodbye to Rose for the first time, and David Tennant handles it marvelously. I’m really going to miss him when he’s gone and that’s why I’m going to take a break between the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.

I also watched the series premiere of HBO’s new program Luck today, but I’m not going to review it for this blog. I’m reviewing like three shows as they air right now and that number is going to increase to 4 when Game of Thrones comes back in April. I just don’t have the time to add anything else to my plate, especially since I’m writing professionally now as well as for fun. However, if you liked the shows Deadwood or John from Cincinnati you should watch Luck. It’s made by David Milch who made those two awesome and under-appreciated programs. On that note though, it’s making me really sad that I’m getting so close to the end of David Tennant’s run with this program. The last time I watched a series all the way to its conclusion (this show isn’t ending but it’s basically a new show again once Matt Smith gets in charge) was with Buffy many moons ago it seems like so this blog has really allowed me to chronicle my complete experience with so many different TV offerings. It’s a bittersweet sort of emotion though and I occasionally go back and re-read the stuff I’ve written from the early stages of programs. It can be weird seeing just how far this blog has come over this year.

Final Score: B