In the wee hours of this morning, Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari turned 1 year old. Last year, my beloved gaming computer bit the proverbial dust. Within a day, my external hard drive (which had all of my movies and TV shows) completely shut down as well. With no access to new entertainment (whether this was my massive library of computer games or the many movies and shows I’d collected over the years), I realized it was time to re-activate my Netflix account. While I was trying to decide what films to put in my Netflix queue, I was struck by how many great movies there were out there and how I couldn’t decide what I actually wanted to watch. It was then that it hit me on what I should do, and the many hours of entertainment (and work and sometimes on rare occasions boredom) that this blog was born.


As some of my facebook friends may be able to tell you, this blog actually existed in an early and proto format as far back as September of 2010. Back then, my goal was to watch every single movie that had been nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe (in certain categories) in a specific year and then create my own superlatives based around those particular years. I started out with 2009 and almost finished every single film on those lists before I just gave up about a month and a half later. Well, after my computer crashed back in February of 2011, I decided to rekindle the fire of the original blog by recreating it from scratch and making it a little more ambitious. Thus began a week long process of putting every single movie that had been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Independent Spirit Award (in specific categories) as well as movies that I enjoyed that weren’t recognized by Industry Awards into a giant Excel Spreadsheet (taking into account some repeats, there are over 4,000 films on the list) and then randomized it so this blog would jump back and forth between the past and present and a variety of genres. On February 7th, 2011, I reviewed my first film (under the blog’s old title, A Journey Through Cinematic History), the documentary In the Shadow of the Stars, and the journey hasn’t slowed down since then.


Over the course of this last year, my blog’s scope has (for better or worse) increased to cover practically all entertainment media. The walls between just reviewing movies and reviewing other aspects of popular culture began to break down when I started to review Gurren Lagann (an anime), and now I review more TV than I do movies as well as occasional books, video games, and albums (less of the music now that I do it at work professionally). I try to update the blog at least once a day (and if I fail at that I try to update it as many times in one day as I can to make up for a missed day), and I’ve kept at it for a whole year now. I’m impressed with myself for doing this because I normally can’t voluntarily commit to something like this for so long. I have trouble beating RPG’s because I simply don’t have the attention span to play a game for that long. I’ve committed well over 1,000 hours to this blog over this year, and I never stopped loving what I do. I actually loved it so much that my writing inspired me to try and find work writing about pop culture professionally and now I have an internship in NYC (originally from WV) writing about indie music. Had my computer not imploded, I would have likely never started this blog and that means I wouldn’t be on this amazing adventure I’m on right now. It’s crazy how life works out sometimes. I don’t believe in God or fate, but looking back, it almost seems like my computer dying was meant to happen.


Well, I’ve got one more article planned today to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the blog. Every 50 movies I review I do a best of list. Well, I’m going to make a Best of Year 1 list that doesn’t just include my normal movie awards but it’s going to incorporate all of the media I’ve dragged into this blog ever since I had to realize that A Journey Through Cinematic History stopped being an accurate name for this blog and we became Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari instead.