I apologize in advance to my facebook and twitter friends for this because I’ve already blown up your newsfeed today with this, but for my blog readers, I really want to share this with everyone. For those of you who don’t know, I write for a music website in the Village called Baeblemusic. A couple of weeks ago I covered a concert for New Jersey based indie rockers Real Estate as my first concert gig for the website which you can read here. Anyways, Pitchfork was covering the show as well. They are the premiere indie music web magazine for those who aren’t familiar with the site. As part of Pitchfork’s new Pitchfork TV series for Youtube, Pitchfork recorded some footage of the show (primarily the band’s house-shattering version of their lead single “It’s Real” off their last album Days as well as people hanging around waiting for the gig to star. Lo and behold, I, Don Saas, get a nice couple second long solo shot in the video that helps to serve as the intro to the piece. I’m going to try and embed it here but if that fails, I’ll just provide a link.