So, one of my best friends from back home, Zach, asked me what were some good music recommendations from my experiences so far writing about music in NYC. I couldn’t come up with a clear and concise answer on the phone so I decided to do a little back work through my blog’s archives to see what articles/bands stood out the most to me. So, Zach, I apologize if not all of these are things that I think would appeal to you like I had said I was going to write. Because now I kind of just want to make a compelling list of the best songs/albums/music videos I’ve heard thus far, period. The list will either consist of hyperlinks to my work blog’s posts about the material or to youtube videos/spotify urls if we no longer have the stream/mp3. The tracks that I think are the best of this group of stand-up tracks are going to be in bold.


“King of the World” by First Aid Kit

“Friends of Friends” by Hospitality

“On’n’On” by Justice (Rick Rubin Remix)

“Go Ego” by Eight and a Half

“Stranded on Love”/”I’ve Gotta Feeling” by I Am Noxious


Making Mirrors by Gotye

“Share My Love” by R. Kelly

“September” by The Shins

“In the Dark” by Nite Jewel

“Gettin’ It” by G-Side

“Pink Diamond” by Dustin Wong

“You Know What I Mean” by Cults

Visions by Grimes

“Cartoons and Cereal” by Kendrick Lamar

“Express Yourself” by Diplo

“In the Grace of Your Love” by the Rapture

“Origins” by Tennis (also one of the dorkiest posts I’ve ever written)

“Sebastian” by Reptar

“Easy Way Out” by Gotye

“Simple Song” by The Shins

“Towers” by Bon Iver


“One Second of Love” by Nite Jewel

“Oblivion” by Grimes

“Lost and Found” by Eve 6

“Radio Song” by Danny Brown

“Blood for Poppies” by Garbage

“New France” by Orbital (feat. Zola Jesus)

“White” by Frank Ocean

“Paddling Out”/”The Wave” by Miike Snow

Wrecking Ball by Bruce Springsteen

“Hey Jane” by Spiritualized

“Oldie” by Odd Future

“Eyeoneye” by Andrew Bird (also “Orpheo Looks Back” or “Hole In the Ocean Floor”)

“Battle In Me” by Garbage

“I Am Not a Game” by Ty Segall and White Fence

“Orifice Origami” by Reptar


lol sorry how long this list is. if people would like to see like a genre next to the songs or like whether each link is a music video/stream/mp3 or what not, let me know and i’ll go back in and add that stuff.