It’s time to use those imagination skills that were heaped on us by copious amounts of PBS programming as children and the warm, soothing voice of Geordie Lafo… Kunte Ki… Lavar Burton. Sorry. Picture a long-haired, handsome man with a deep, southern drawl. He’s in his early 20s likely. He works for the city, and it’s the 7os. So, add the appropriate wardrobe details. He still hangs out with high school kids cause well you know the line. If you aren’t picturing Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey) yet, you should probably just leave my blog. Now, you need to hear him say “L I V I N. Livin’ ” cause that’s what I’ve been doing these last several weeks. And that’s why my blog output has trickled to a slow, dripping faucet crawl. I’ve been doing a lot of work… a ton of work. I went to concerts two nights in a row without getting to go home after work after either them. So for Wednesday and Thursday, I was gone from 9:40 AM til 1 Am. I was supposed to do another concert that following Friday but I could literally barely walk so that one I was mercifully able to skip. And then this weekend, I hung out with a friend, and I’ve just been really busy socializing in general which has left little time for this blog. I can’t tell if this is good or not. This blog was largely formed out of the need for me to find some constructive way to direct my large amounts of free/lonely time, but suddenly I don’t have so much or really any of that anymore and I couldn’t be happier. Anyways, let’s talk about Justified since the next episode like airs tomorrow and I don’t want to fall behind in a two episode review again.

So, since I obviously watched this like a week ago, I don’t really remember anything that happened. Whatsoever. I mean, I guess I remember the larger plot points, but the details are all completely gone. Also, honestly since I still have like three other reviews to do after this (plus work stuff), I’m going to make this short and sweet. Hitmen from Detroit have arrived in Harlan to take out Robert Quarles who is finally becoming too much of a hassle for everyone. Even Win Duffy has sold him out at this point. However, after pushing, Sheriff Napier too far, it is Boyd Crowder who finally has the last laugh on Quarles as he uses Napier to sell out Quarles and they attack Quarles from behind with a taser and have him tied up naked in a whore’s trailer waiting to do with him as they please (potentially selling him out alive to the Dixie Mafia). Dickie Bennett has been released from jail and he is also an inevitable thorn in everyone’s side. Boyd wants to kill him for shooting Ava, and Limehouse wants him out of hte picture to protect himself from Dickie getting ahold of Mags’s money. Dickie is able to convince one of Limehouse’s top men to switch sides and this Limehouse lieutenant says the only way the job could be done is if they get Boyd Crowder on their side. Oh snap.

There was a ton happening this episode, because if there’s been one over-riding theme this season, it’s been about how many plots and schemes and xanatos gambits you could stick into a single story. I would have more commentary about the acting or the plotting or the generally mood and style of the episode but these are the sorts of things you forget after a week, and I just really hope that no one judges the quality of this blog based solely upon this admittedly subpar review. I’ve written several thousands words since that last episode ended, primarily for my day job as a music journalist and I hope you can forgive me for not remembering a hell of a lot of the details of the episode which are honestly some of the most important things in any given episode of Justified. Here are some things that stick in my mind. I really hope that Dickie Bennett survives the season because Jeremy Davies is endlessly enjoyable to watch in any role, and Dickie is coming close to being as memorable as Daniel Farraday back on Lost. I know pretty much completely that Quarles and Limehouse will both be out of the picture by the end of the season which is a shame because we’re now finally finding out enough about Quarles to make him a truly magnetic villain like Mags (though he’ll never be as good as Mags).

There are only two episodes left in the season, and this episode didn’t feature any game-changing events other than Boyd capturing Quarles, although something tells me that Quarles is going to get away (and kill a couple of Boyd’s whores in the process). This show tends to jam-pack its final two episodes of a season with a ton of explosive moments, so I don’t think it’s unfair to have high expectations for these next two weeks. I just want to make one last comment which is that the A- I’m giving this episode does not mean the same thing as the A- I’m giving Game of Thrones. It’s obviously a better show. However, Justified never feels like it’s trying to be good. It’s just one of those shows that somehow miraculously is. There’s an effortlessness to its entertainment factor, and because it never really feels like it needs to try, it will never be truly great, but this season has been without fail, a ton of fun, and thus it get’s an “A-” on a scale of intent and ambition versus actual produced quality. That’s all. i did learn an important lesson that I should never wait a whole week to review an episode of this show especially when that results in me being 5 blog posts behind (before I wrote my Game of Thrones post anyways.

Final Score: A-