So, I have a bad habit of not updating this blog every day. I haven’t actually even watched one of the movies that I have at home from Netflix in over a month (so the Instant Streaming is pretty much the only value I’m getting out of my subscription). Sometimes I’m just too tired when I get home from work. Other times, I’m just too busy (i.e. I have a concert to cover for work which means I won’t get home til 1 AM). Well, I’m resolving to do at least one post every day, and to help implement this goal, I’m trying to make a regular feature called “Song of the Day” (not a terribly original title I know. Sue me) where I pick some song (new or old) and make a quick post about why I enjoy it and why it’s my song of the day. I write about music semi-professionally. If I can’t find a new song every day to choose, I should just quit my job. Anyways, here’s song #1: the foot-stomping feminist political anthem “Bizness” by indie siren tUnE-yArDs (real name Merril Garbus).

I just adore this song. It’s a pretty strong contender for my favorite track of 2011 (alongside Destroyer’s “Kaputt,” M83’s “Midnight City,” and St. Vincent’s “Cruel). I love Merill Garbus’s insanely powerful voice and the simple tribal rhythms at the core of her political folk lyrics. Check it out. It’s a superb song.