This is my song of the day for an almost no-brainer reason. I recently (though it was back in January so it’s not that recent) moved to New York City from WV to become a music critic. It’s been the best experience of my entire life, bar none. I made a friend here in the city (who also happens to be from WV and live in the same part of Brooklyn as me) who went through a similar experience as me when she first moved to New York. We saw They Might Be Giants in concert (which you can read about here), and before the show, she recommended their track “New York City” (which they did an awesome rendition of in the concert), a cover of a band called Cub. Ever since hearing the song for the first time and especially after hearing it at the concert, I’ve really related to it, and I know that whenever I hear it in the future, it will remind me of the awesome times I’ve had here in the city.