If humidity is taken into account, it is supposed to feel like it’s over 90 degrees here in NYC today after last week where I wore my pea coat and/or leather jacket all week and still felt uncomfortably cold. At one point last week, it snowed in my home state of WV. So, obviously these sudden and dramatic changes in weather are playing games with my sinuses, and at the moment, I feel like a grape being squeezed to make wine. Which is to say, I feel miserable and it’s why I’m up before my usual wake up time. I’ve actually been waking up off and on for the last several hours and I eventually had to give up on sleep twenty minutes ago. So, I figured I’d get my song of the day post out of the way early. This choice has been inspired by discussions I had with a friend about the way that children (men or women) learn about violence against women (and/or how to behave in general) by the way that their parents act and the responsibility that good parents have to take their children out of dysfunctional environments. “Fast Car” is about generational poverty and it’s a heartbreaking tune that without question remains one of my favorite songs of the 1980s if not my very favorite.