Considering my day job of writing about modern independent music, it shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that this “Song of the Day” feature is probably going to skew heavily towards songs from the last year or two. They are the songs that are most likely going to be on my mind at any given time. It’s weird though because four or five years ago, I pretty much only exclusively listened to music that came out before 1990. As you could hopefully tell from the “New York City” and the “Fast Car” posts, I’m still going to choose older tunes when appropriate, but honestly, I just listen to a bunch of new stuff cause I have to in order to stay on top of what’s happening in the world I write about. I also realized that out of the first 5 songs I had chosen, four of them were folk-oriented in one way or another. I like folk but not that much, so I figured I’d make as big a departure as I could into the world of hip-hop. Except after making that decision, I realized how I had erred because hip-hop is the folk music of our urban youth and what better (and more divisive) act to choose from than L.A. hip-hop collective Odd Future and their best single to date, “Oldie.”

“Oldie” comes off of the Odd Future Tape Vol. 2  which was by far the best thing the group had produced as a cohesive unit though it still didn’t quite leave me as bowled over as so many people are with these young kids. However, “Oldie” is a future hip-hop classic in the making. Featuring practically the entire crew on mic laying their rhymes over a lurching Wu Tang-style beat, it recalls the glory days of hip-hop groups like Bone-Thugz or the Wu themselves since hip-hop collectives are out of style these days. However, what really blows this track up to legendary proportions is the return of Earl Sweatshirt who lays down a good two minutes of verses on this already ten minute track. He just nails it. This was the first song I ever heard Earl rap on and it was like hearing Q-Tip rap for the first time. It was that revelatory. It didn’t hurt that Frank Ocean’s verse killed it as did Hodgy beats whose flow is simply hypnotic. Also, the video is just the group of kids (and they really are so young. all in their early, early 20s) having fun at a photo shoot and horseplaying as they perform their verses. How can you not love that?