One of the reasons that I began this “Song of the Day” series was because I wanted to not only encourage myself to do at least one blog post a day (something I’ve managed to not screw up yet) but also because I thought it would be an interesting way to chart my mood. Even more than many women I know (sorry that joke was sort of sexist), my mood tends to fluctuate immensely often on the turn of a hat. Most people don’t realize this because I do a great job of internalizing my feelings, but I can swing from ecstatically happy to devastatingly melancholic at the turn of a hat. Without wanting to go into specifics (before I have the chance to discuss it with people who deserve to know in a more appropriate format than a blog post), I’m sort of going through one of those melancholic phases right now as I’ve had to make some very difficult (but ultimately mature and grown-up) choices. Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “I See a Darkness” (off the absurdly good album of the same name) seems to speak to the many different emotions I’m feeling right now because it’s without question a heartbreaking tune but it also offers up some hope by the end.


One last quick note. I’m still continuing with my tradition of making these songs of the days into a monthly (in terms of its organization) Spotify playlist (which you can listen to here). However, occasionally there will be songs by major artists (or in this case, an indie folk musician) that aren’t on Spotify. I still want to add new songs to the playlist on those days so I’ll try to find an appropriate/half-way decent cover of the song, and if that doesn’t exist, I’ll just choose a song of similar themes/sounds (without disqualifying that tune from future use on the list). Fortunately, for “I See a Darkness,” there’s a Johnny Cash cover that is nearly as good as the original so there’s no harm nor foul with Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s notable absence from Spotify.