In an awesome bit of news from yesterday, my blog crossed 500 views for the first time ever! I’d been averaging around 250-300 views for the last three months or so (it’s been ages since I’ve had less than 200 views in a single day), but thanks to my article reviewing the first disc of season 2 of Mad Men gaining some traction on StumpleUpon, I was able to more than double my usual traffic. I realize that little accomplishments like this are only really interesting to me, but for someone who started this blog in the February of last year not to make any money but just to have a productive and creative outlet for my pop culture obsession, I think the fact that 500 different people (though quite possibly it was less because some people may have read multiple articles that I wrote) visited my blog in one day is a really cool feat. Reaching 500 people in a day was always my goal, and while my current traffic for the day means I’m probably going to be back to my normal levels of readership, I’m not complaining because it still feels very gratifying to reach 500 views on my personal blog (even though on my writing for work, I usually get more than that for every post I write). So, thank you readers for making this possible. It was quite humbling.