I swear to God that I don’t actually listen to as much folk music as this “Song of the Day” post would let on. However, it’s the same focus on lyricism that makes me relate more to folk music and (at times) hip-hop than I do with more standard forms of musical expression. There’s just an intimacy and poetry in folk music that I don’t really find in pop or rock and roll (not always. It certainly exists. Just not as consistently). I listen to pop and rock for melodies and experimental instrumentation. I come back to folk because it moves me. Well, you can add Australian folkster Angus Stone (who at work we’ve begun to call Australian hippie Jesus because just look at the man) to the list of my new favorite folk musicians because his new single, “Bird on the Buffalo,” is one of my favorite folk tunes of the last two years, along with “Emmylou” by First Aid Kit. The song is very Dylan-esque (desperately trying to not rehash the copy I used to describe this song for work) with some more contemporary electric guitars thrown in. It’s folk-rock, and just a lovely song with an equally lovely vide.

Once again, if you’re interested in checking out the continuing Spotify playlist of my “Song of the Days” click here and enjoy.