When I start choosing songs from Kid A (arguably the greatest album of all time) as my “Song of the Day,” you know I’ve reached emotionally complex waters. I’m sailing the HMS Don Saas into the Straits of Ennui which is sort of ironic because despite of all of the postmodern paranoia and angst at the heart of that album, Kid A is my happy place. From the opening whirrs and squeaks of “Everything in Its Right Place” to the skittering percussion of “Idioteque” to the final beautiful notes of “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Kid A has an unmatched ability to transport me out of wherever I am in life into some magical, ambient soundscape straight from the imagination of Thom Yorke and crew. I just told several different people some really tough news (though with one of them, it went much better than I expected. We’ll see about the others tomorrow at work) and I need a happy place right now. And as weird as it may seem that I get an almost euphoric sense of pleasure from listening to this song, “Everything in Its Right Place” will always be able to cause chills to come coursing up my spine. There are possible better songs on the album (“The National Anthem,” “Idioteque”), but there’s simply a haunting power of Thom Yorke screaming out “There are two colors in my head” over and over again that can only really be matched by “Svefn-G-Englar” by Sigur Ros.

UPDATE: I forgot to include the link to the spotify playlist for anyone who is interested in looking at the nearly complete playlist for April. So here you go. Enjoy.