I’ve been sort of in a down place this last week because I recently decided that rather than stay in NYC after my internship ended, I needed to do the mature and responsible thing and go back to WV to finish the schooling that I have left. It’s much, much less expensive to live in WV than it is to stay in in New York City. Like I would say the cost of living back home is about a quarter of what it is here in NYC. I know I’ll never get a job in entertainment journalism without a college degree and I couldn’t afford to pay out of state tuition here in NY. It just isn’t happening. So, I needed some good news to get me out of the funk that returning to WV would entail. It’s arrived because today I purchased tickets to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. I got the full four day pass. It should be a hell of a trip. I’m going to see Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beach Boys, Bon Iver, Feist, and plenty of other acts. So, I figured I’d make this song of the day post a Beach Boys song since they’re reunited with the original line-up (of surviving members) for the first time in decades. They even released a new single this week which I really enjoyed surprisingly. So, here’s hoping that I can ride on the “Good Vibrations” of Bonnaroo. I am literally salivating at the thought of going.


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