I’m still coming down with a sinus infection. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Well, I do know. The weather in NYC is more bipolar than my high school Spanish teacher. To make matters worse, there’s no hot water in my apartment tonight, and it probably won’t be back by tomorrow before I leave for work either. What the hell man? Whatever. I’m going to be back in WV soon where my hot water doesn’t go out every month and a half. That shit has gotten real old, real fast. Anyways, I figured I could use a song from the last year or so after going back to the 1970s for Talking Heads last time. At the company I work for, we shot Ben Howard who was one of the many artist who played our SXSW showcase in Austin this year. I was in charge of coming up with the SXSW Band of the Day post we did leading up to the music festival, and I listened to Ben Howard’s album Every Kingdom. It’s pretty great British indie folk, and I highly recommend it if you like bands like Mumford & Sons. So, I figured I’d use his fantastic song “Old Pine” as my song of the day. It’s probably my favorite song on the album. He’s playing Bonnaroo this year and I hope I get a chance to catch his set.


I feel like I’ve begun to belabor this point, but if you want to listen to the Spotify playlist for April (which only has one song left which will be tomorrow), click here and enjoy!