This is going to be one of my shortest Song of the Day posts yet simply because I forgot to write it last night before I went to bed. I have a concert tonight after work. I’m seeing the Shins (hence the artist choice) and the concert is at Terminal 5. It’s on the Upper West Side, and I live in about as far the other direction as you can imagine in Brooklyn so I’ll be getting home very late tonight. Anyways, I’m incredibly excited to see the Shins. They’re one of my favorite bands. “New Slang” was the song that introduced me to the group thanks to Natalie Portman’s character in Garden State, and there’s a very high chance that if they play “New Slang” tonight, I might start to cry. I can’t wait for the show. Should be awesome.


Today is the last day of April which means that my Spotify playlist for April’s Songs of the Day is officially complete. You can listen to the entire playlist here! I think it’s pretty great. There’s basically something for everyone to enjoy.