So, I saw the Shins last night at Terminal 5 here in NYC. I’d put a link up to my write-up of the show for work but we haven’t actually posted my review yet. Anyways, the band that opened for the Shins (Real Estate opens tonight and St. Lucia opened Sunday) on that particular night of their three night stop in New York City was Brooklyn synthpop/New Wave revival outfit Chairlift. They were fantastic (even if they’re a super odd choice to open for the folk-pop of the Shins). They had a bit of a breakthrough single back in 2008 when their song “Bruises” was used in an iPod nano commercial. I only just heard of the band this year when their album Something was the first album I reviewed at work (and I fell in love with the song “Amonaemonesia”. Anyways, I’m going to make this a quick little jot down because I still have to review Game of Thrones and Glee (man what a shocking episode of Glee). Their song “Bruises” is absurdly catchy and I love this whole trend of the last four or five years where the 1980s are really back.

The April playlist was finished yesterday which you can listen to here. I’ve also started May’s playlist. You can listen to that here and though there’s only one song on it, if you subscribe to it, you can see the playlist as it grows (which will often be a couple hours before I write this actual post).