I know, I know. I’m on a Shins kick lately. I’m sorry, but I saw them Monday night and it was just wonderful beyond words. Actually, if the experience were beyond words, I would be a shitty rock critic. So, I’ve actually committed it to words which you can read about here at my work website where I review the concert. Besides, the last Shins song that I used (“New Slang”) which, while admittedly being two days ago, was part of last month. So, there is still only one Shins song on the playlist for May (but I’ll plug my spotify playlist later). “Simple Song” was the lead-off single from their last album, Port of Morrow, and it was the second song of their set Monday night. They began the evening with “Kissing the Lipless.” I’ve loved this song ever since it first leaked in the beginning of the year and when the group released a very “Wes Anderson”-y video for the song, it only made things better. The video is actually (along with “Oblivion” by Grimes and “New France” by Orbitals) one of my favorite videos of the year so far. Just check it out. It’s pretty awesome stuff.


Also, there’s still only two songs on the playlist for May (cause it’s May 2nd, natch) but if you want to learn what the next song of the day will be before I post, be sure to subscribe to the Spotify playlist or just listen to it here.