I’ve recently become a fan of NBC’s cult comedy Community (yeah, I know. I know. I’m super late to the game). Before I had ever watched the show, I was vaguely familiar with Childish Gambino, the rap stage-name of Community co-star Donald Glover. When his debut album Camp came out, a lot of my friends back home were going nuts over it and then Pitchfork gave it an infamous “1.6” score when they reviewed it (a score it totally deserves better than). I see some of the complaints that Pitchfork had to make about the album, but it’s so much better than they give it for and it was one of those instances where Pitchfork was putting its image ahead of actual journalistic credibility. My company also did a shoot with Donald Glover (performing his Childish Gambino music) that you can check out here if you’re interested. It’s weird that I’ve now picked two hip-hop songs in a row for this (since I only had one last month), but this is a song that I’ve really been into lately. And that last verse, as ridiculous as it may be out of context, is just really speaking to me right now. I love it when there’s hip-hop that I, a rural white boy, can relate to, and the relationship angst in “Heartbeat” is pretty universal.


I wanted to include the music video for this song but for god knows what fucking reason, the douches at Vevo only have the censored one up on Youtube. I might be able to find the uncensored music video but I don’t feel like putting in the effort. Anyways, if you want to check out the still-growing May playlist (and get notifications of what the next song will be before I post it), head on over to spotify and give it a listen.