One of my favorite musical accomplishments of the year was the breakthrough album from Canadian gender-blurring electro-pop artist Grimes.The album, Visions, has remained one of my favorites of the year (along with Gotye’s Making Mirrors and Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball), and a couple months ago, Claire Boucher (Grimes’ real name) released an absurdly bad-ass and memorable for one of Visions‘ best tracks, “Oblivion.” Continuing the album’s trend of blurring gender identity and pushing pop music to futuristic heights, the video has Grimes going to a dirtbike race and a football game in full Grimes hipster regalia and confusing the shit out of all of the fans at both events (while simultaneously interacting with them) and having a blast. It’s still my pick for the best music video of the year (closely followed by “The Rifle’s Spiral” and “Simple Song” from The Shins who are having a banner year for music vids). Seriously, just watch it and wonder as I have how it is that Grimes’ lisp manages to be endearing and makes her even more bad-ass when I would find it terribly frustrating in 99% of other singers.


For those who want to see how May’s playlist is finally coming along (now that there are more than a couple songs on it), head on over to spotify and listen to it here!