This can only be deemed as the weirdest/most awesome coincidence in the history of this blog, but yesterday I crossed two major milestones for this blog, and they’re both pretty awesome in their own way, but the fact that they occurred together makes it all even freakier. Thanks to over 300 people reading my review for last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, my blog crossed over 600 views for the first time. It was 605 views to be exact. We keep getting one step closer to my dreams of maybe one day having 1000 different people read this blog in one day. That kind of news is awesome considering it comes only two weeks after I hit the milestone of 500 views for the first time. What makes it even more awesome is that this post announcing that I had 600 views will be the 600th post of the blog. Let your mind wrap around what the odds of something like that are (I’ll give you a hint. Not very high considering the sort of traffic I was getting on this blog just three or four weeks ago). Anyways, I killed two birds with one stone today so I just wanted to share my happiness with everybody. The picture of me below (in Florence, Italy) more or less sums up how cool this feels.