I’ll keep this post short because I’ve got a concert tonight and won’t be returning home from work afterwards until very late. This has the potential to be the last concert I go to as an intern at Baeblemusic (there’s a slim possibility that I’ll be covering the M83 concert at Terminal 5 which would be amazing) so I have to make the most of it. The act I’m seeing is seminal 90s pop-punk band Eve 6 who just reunited to make their first new album in almost a decade. I interviewed the band for work which you can read here. And as a continuing series on this band’s attempted comeback, I’m covering their show (I’ll also be reviewing their new album, Speak in Code, which is surprisingly decent). I’ve loved the jam “Inside Out” since I was a a little kid (I was 9 when it was released) and unlike a lot of its contemporaries, it’s aged remarkably well. So, enjoy a blast to the past when you used to rock vans and went through your skateboarding phase.

We’re seven days into the month of May now (which somehow sounds like the start of an Arcade Fire song), and if you’re wanting to listen to this month’s (or last month’s) Spotify playlist for my Song of the Day series, click here and give it a spin.