This will be my shortest song of the day post yet. Just because I totally forgot to do it, and I’m leaving for a dinner/event thing very shortly and I don’t know when I’ll get back from it. I’m going to an Occupy Wall Street album release party, and since that’s near and dear to my very, very liberal (pretty much a socialist) heart, I thought why not pick a great song from the greatest anti-establishment band of all time, Rage Against the Machine. “Bulls on Parade” has basically one of the most BAMF guitar riffs of all time, and there’s a verse that was my “about me” on facebook for years before I finally changed it.  the ” I walked the corner to the rubble, used to be a library, lined up to the mind cemetary now” part (and also the two lines after it). Tom Morello played a concert in Union Square last week that I missed. So, anyways, I’m excited for this dinner tonight. Michael Moore is going to be there tonight which will be awesome. My liberal heart may explode.