At work today, we ran the interview that I did with British piano-rock band Keane which you can read here if you’re a fan. Anyways, it was an awesome moment because they’re the second biggest band I’ve interviewed (behind the Fray), and unlike the Fray, I actually enjoy Keane’s music quite a bit. I’m not normally into this whole post-Britpop thing that Coldplay is the leader of, but Keane have always stood out to me. Part of that may be because of how simply beautiful and memorable their hit single “Somewhere Only We Know” is. I’m embarrassed to admit that I learned about this song when beat boxer Blake Lewis sang this during one of the first elimination (by votes anyways) rounds of his season of American Idol, but the second I heard the song I fell in love with it. And I’ve owned the original Keane version ever since. It’s just a gorgeous ballad and one of my favorite love songs. I think this song has wound up on so many different mixtapes that I’ve made for girls over the years. Enjoy.


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