I’m already ready for this season of Glee to be done. That’s not a good sign. There are three episodes left of the season. I imagine two of them will have to be pretty epic and will perhaps ease this feeling of Glee exhaustion that I’m suffering from. Graduation and Nationals are rightly going to be two different episodes and the odds that I’m going to cry profusely during their graduation is pretty much 100%. Still, there’s one episode in between now and then, and considering it took me an entire week to work up the energy to sit down and watch Glee and then commit the required time to also review it, I’m just burnt out on this season and honestly the entire show. This week’s episode wasn’t bad. It had its share of strong moments, but it was just also exceptionally mediocre ad felt like filler (just like last year’s prom). Shows like Glee remind me why I really enjoy the 13 episode season structure of cable shows because their truncated running time means there is little opportunity for the show to get lazy and rest on filler (The Walking Dead season 2 an obvious and sad exception). Lost (and maybe Alias) is one of the only network dramas I can think of that could really maintain truly strong storytelling over the course of an entire 22 episode season (and even it eventually drastically lowered the episode count).

If you couldn’t tell from my opening paragraph, it’s time for the senior prom at McKinley High (or the junior prom if you’re Artie, Blaine, and Tina). Becky wants to be Prom Queen, but she isn’t even nominated (losing out to some random girl, Quinn, and Santana) and Finn, the hockey player, and Brittany (smh) get the nomination for Prom King. Brittany decides to make the theme dinosaurs cause she’s Brittany. Rachel is feeling angsty about choking at her NYADA audition last week and crazy Rachel is coming out because Finn is helping Quinn campaign for Prom Queen. She throws a pity party (and enlists Blaine, Kurt, Puck, and Becky to her cause) and decides to create the anti-Prom and throw it a hotel room. Quinn is able to walk again (barely) and wants to unveil her new walking at Prom when she’s pronounced queen. At the anti-prom, Rachel and everyone else realizes how petty they’re being and decide to go to their last dance as high-schoolers. Rachel apologizes to Quinn for being so crazy which makes Quinn feel guilty about being her usual Queen Bee bitch self and when Quinn wins prom queen, she and Santana decide to make Rachel the queen instead (they were counting the votes) with Finn who won an actual popular vote. Puck also goes to prom with Becky and names her the queen of the anti-prom in an honestly touching moment.

Let’s look at the songs which were a serious, serious mixed bag. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine taking on Fergie’s “Boys Don’t Cry.” No one can ever say that Lea Michele doesn’t have a serious set of pipes and the harmonies with Blaine and Kurt were wonderful as well. Heather Morris’ dancing for Ke$ha’s “Dinosaur” was cool but the song is awful and she sounded like the most autotuned human being on the history of the planet on the song. Santana, Tina, and Mercedes took on the Selena Gomez (why?) song “Love You Like a Love Song,” and although Naya Rivera sounded fine, it didn’t stop the song from being any less terrible. Most of the guys in New Directions took on the One Direction (once again, WHY?) smash hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” And once again, they sounded good, but it’s a fucking terrible tofu-pop song but Chord Overstreet could definitely make a great addition to any boy band. Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera took on the Berlin (band not the city) classic “Take My Breath Away” and did a really wonderful and gorgeous rendition of one of my favorite ballads of the 1980s.

Do you want to know what my biggest complaint about this episode is (besides the fact that a lot of it just felt like fluff and forced drama)? It’s been my biggest problem since the show came back from it’s midseason finale. After introducing major and shocking twists like Karofsky trying to kill himself and Bieste being abused by Cooter, we don’t hear another god damn thing about them ever again. I don’t remember what episode “On My Way” was, but it’s been way too long for us to hear absolutely nothing about Karofsky’s suicide attempt and how he’s coping with his life in the interim. And Bieste is a fairly important side character on the show. She has been ever since she was introduced last season to replace the one-dimensional Ken Tanaka. To have this whole story where she’s beaten by her husband and then goes back to home in a moment of pure weakness and then ignore it the next week just seems so insulting to all of the women out there who have gone through that sort of tragedy. Glee has absolutely no damn attention span and it really bothers me. However, one of the songs for next weak is called “Mean” and Bieste is singing it so maybe we’ll actually hear more about this story.

I just don’t have the energy to write more about the episode. Honestly, I’d rather spend my free time today watching one of the movies I have at home from Netflix. I’ve got the sequel to Wings of Desire which I’m really excited to watch. Also, I finally started Mass Effect 3 and considering that I’ve played every entry in that series to completion, I’m really excited to see the end of Commander Shephard’s journey (and also to see if the whole hub-bub about the ending is truly deserved). We’re finally nearing the end of the turning point season of Glee where we’ll learn whether this show will be able to survive the massive changes coming its way. I don’t see how it possibly can but I’m a Glee fan for better or worse and I really hope it’s able to weather the storms that are heading its way.

Final Score: B-