Jack White has his first solo album out, Blunderbuss, which is also his first album with any of his projects to reach #1 on the Billboard charts. Icky Thump peaked at #2 despite moving more copies during its first week. What feels like an eternity ago in press terms (though it was actually just the beginning of April), he released a music video for one of the best tracks on Blunderbuss, “Sixteen Saltines.” Basically, it features Jack White as the only adult in a world of teenagers who are going absolutely nuts with the partying and hedonism. It’s like Children of the Corn without any of cult violence and religious undertones. “Sixteen Saltines” has one of the cooler music videos of the year, but it’s also one of the most immediately enjoyable rock tracks of the year. It just drips with sexuality and classic rock machismo. Jack White secured his position as one of the most visible faces of indie rock years and years ago, and “Sixteen Saltines” should help cement his legacy as one of the most wicked rockers in modern garage.


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