I know. I know. I just used the National’s “Abel” as my Song of the Day like three days ago, but that was before I was making this whole very thematic list for my last week in Brooklyn, and if there was ever a better song written about growing up and small-town angst in modern music than “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” I’d be really hard-pressed to find it. This is off the National’s last album, High Violet, and it’s probably my favorite track on the album. Matt Berninger is one of indie rock’s best lyricists, and this is one of his rawest tunes. I get a tight, almost wrecked feeling in my chest every time I hear him sing the chorus to this track. It’s the post-college anthem of the post-Great Recession American youth. But hearing it just adds to my ennui about going home, but at the same time, it’s reassuring to know that one of the music industry’s best lyricists has felt constrained by his roots. I just wish I had had a chance to see the National this semester but they never came to New York.


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