I love New York City. I feel like that’s probably the most cliche thing a person can say, but it’s true. This city saved my life. The cultural melting pot and mass amalgamation of an extraordinary number of interesting people is everything I’ve always wanted in life but couldn’t find back home in Morgantown or Philippi (especially Philippi where a week of historical reenactments is the closest thing you got to culture). So, obviously, I’m going to dedicate my last Song of the Day post while I’m still in this wonderful metropolis to the city that gave me hope again. And who better to perform an ode to the greatest city in the world than one of its most successful performers, Jay-Z, and his smash hit “Empire State of Mind.” Just to prove that I’m not a total hipster (though the inclusion of show tunes on this list as well as some more mainstream alt-rock stuff like Eve 6 and Keane probably also proved), it’s a complete mainstream success but it’s also a hell of a fun song. I won’t tell you the format where I heard the song first, but obviously, nothing can top the Jay-Z original. So, thank you NYC. I owe you everything. And I’ll let Jigga speak to how wonderful you truly are.