I’ve been home for a little over twenty four hours and already I feel completely unmoored from my regular blogging routine. Maybe, it’s the fact that I’m watching Game of Thrones on its regular hour of Sunday night or the fact that I have such terribly slow internet that I can’t even watch Community on Hulu on my PS3 (though I can use with my computer), but for some reason, I just feel like I’m in an entirely different universe than the one I was inhabiting back in NYC. When I realized that it was 10 PM and I hadn’t picked my song of the day post yet, I was scrambling because my sister wants to play Texas Hold’Em with my dad and I, and I just couldn’t think of any good songs to play (I’m barring myself from using any bands that I’m seeing at Bonnaroo until after it’s over because it’s going to be a series when I get back from the festival). So, I was talking to myself about trying to find a good song to use and my sister said “You Get What You Give” by 90s one hit wonders, New Radicals. So, why not? It’s a fun power pop song and I have a pretty deep love for some catchy power pop. Hopefully tomorrow, I”ll be able to put more thought into the whole process.