So, this is my fourth Song of the Day post in a row without any actual movie, TV, or book reviews. I promise that will end after today/tomorrow though because I need to review last night’s awesome episode of Game of Thrones as well as Joss Whedon’s The Avengers (which I saw in theaters today and it was awesome). I’ve spent almost every second that ‘ve been home these last couple of days trying to clean the massive clusterfuck that is my dad’s apartment. Saying it’s a mess would be like saying that I’m really excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve taken in way too much dust these last couple of days. I’m going to be sneezing for the next three months. Anyways, I wanted to pick a song from this year as my Song of the Day, and I thought to myself, “Why not something from Father John Misty?” His album, Fear Fun, is one of the most lyrically impressive albums of the year. It’s lead single, “Nancy from Now On,” is either my favorite or second favorite song off the album (along side “This Is Sally Hatchett”), and it’s had one of the cooler music videos of the year. There’s some slight boobage towards the end of the video, so it’s slightly NSFW, but if you want one of the better folk/alt country tracks of the year, check out this ditty from former Fleet Foxes member, J. Tillman.