Once again, I feel as if I am rushed to get out my Song of the Day post. The digital download service Steam had Sid Meier’s Civilization V on sale for $7.50. As someone who has sunk hundreds of hours into Civilization IV, I know the addiction that series can extend and I already know what my new vice is going to be for hte next couple weeks as I learn the intricacies of the game’s systems. I think I’ve finally found the way that I’m going to survive this summer. I literally spent two and half hours straight playing the game today as soon as it finished downloading. Took my Roman empire from 3500 BC to around 1000 AD and we’re already in the Renaissance cause of my technological advancements. So, I don’t have a ton of time to put into thought for this particular song. So, I’m just picking one of the better songs from last year. This time I’m going with the title track off of Destroyer’s last album, “Kaputt.” Despite his name (which is about as ironic as you get), this is pure soft rock/indie pop, and it was easily one of the best tunes of 2011. It’s got a weird-ass (but awesome) music video, but if you like your pop music laced with a little surrealism, go ahead and give this song a spin.