So, one of the music websites that I read pretty regularly (in addition to the one I work for, Baeble Music) is another website called Stereogum. They used to (although they haven’t had one in what feels like two months) have a new contest like every week where they’d give away vinyl records or expensive headphones or nice computer speakers. Anyways, I would enter pretty much every single one of their contests. They had one way back in February to give away a 14 DVD Grateful Dead box set consisting of the best Dead concert films that had been made during the band’s very, very long existence (which was still cut tragically short after Jerry Garcia’s untimely death at the young age of 53). I had nearly forgotten about the contest when I suddenly found a message in my inbox on Facebook telling me that I had won. So, that was pretty awesome. I found out about it the day I was moving out of NYC. I just wish I had won the Consequence of Sound contest for two free tickets to Bonnaroo so I could have brought friends with me instead of going alone. Anyways, I watched half of the first DVD in the box set, The Grateful Dead Movie, and it reminded me of why I’ve loved the Dead for so long and why I would have been a total dead head back in the day. So I figured I’d make my Song of the Day one of the best tracks off one of my favorite albums of all time,American Beauty. “Box of Rain” is probably my favorite, but “Sugar Magnolia” is pretty damn fantastic too.