Easily one of the best parts of my gig as a music critic in NYC was that I got to see a ton of great bands live throughout the semester. A lot of the time, I’d only find out that I was a covering a show a day or so before the actual event (sometimes I found out I was going to a concert that day) so I never had a lot of time to prepare not only for the headlining act but also obviously the openers. One of the better shows I went to for a band that I wasn’t familiar with at all before the semester began was London indie rockers, the Boxer Rebellion (you can read about the show here). They really put on a great show, and I was shocked how much I enjoyed it even though I didn’t really know any of the songs beforehand. One of the biggest crowd-pleasing numbers of the night was  a song called “No Fear,” and it’s definitely found itself on repeat ever since I first heard it at the concert a month ago. I’m not sure if this band will ever be big, but if you get the chance to see them live, I definitely recommend it.