So, May is finally over and in a semi-cool coincidence, it closes on a landmark moment for my Song of the Day series. Today, marks the (if you couldn’t tell by the post’s title) fiftieth Song of the Day that I’ve been doing for this blog. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. So, when it came time to pick my fiftieth song of the day, I wanted to eschew normal conventions and not make it something cheesy like my favorite song or something (not that I could ever actually pick a favorite song of all time). So, instead, I’m going to go with the best hip-hop song of of 2012 (so far). “ILLuminate” from the resident weirdo of Kendrick Lamar’s Black Hippy Crew, Ab Soul, has to be the strangest and most fierce hip-hop anthem of the year (along with Lamar’s “The Recipe”). However, as wonderful as Ab-Soul’s verse is, it’s Kendrick Lamar’s guest spot that takes this song to another level. The only other verse from this year (or the last couple of years) that I’d put on its level is Earl Sweatshirt’s killer verse in “Oldie” by Odd Future. I’m going to stop talking about how brilliant Black Hippy is (and how they’re the best thing to happen to hip-hop collectives since NWA and Wu-Tang) and just implore you to listen to this tune instead.

Also, since May is now over, I don’t feel guilty about taking this opportunity to insert a link to my Spotify song of the day playlists (which I’ve stopped doing for every post because no one ever clicks on it). Anyways, if you want to hear May’s Song of the Day playlist, you can find it here on Spotify. If you want a broader selection of tunes, you can find all of 2012’s songs here.